Equipping a “Crossfit-style” Garage Gym

I’ve been doing Crossfit® workouts for four years, as of the date I’m writing this. I went to an affiliate for three years. I wouldn’t change that for anything.  I learned how Crossfit workouts are conducted and I got the benefit of competition to increase my intensity.

However, after my third year, I crunched the numbers and decided to move into my garage. I was spending $1,500/yr on a Crossfit membership. I figured I could outfit my garage with everything an affiliate would have for under $4,000.  So my ROI was under three years… no brainer. I’m committed to Crossfit for life, so in July of 2018 I got shopping!

Here’s what I purchased to get my box started.

And guess what???    I can still park both of my cars in my garage!!

I’ll be adding a GHD, a stationary bike, a weight sled, and some sandbags later, but the list above is what I needed to do 95% of every WOD I could think of.

I did it for under $4,000.

I did a lot of research. I did not just go with all Rogue stuff (even though that would have been awesome!) … that would have sent me over $10,000.  I shopped smartly, but with quality in mind.  I didn’t just want the cheapest stuff.  I wanted quality for a good price.


Since I wrote this post, I’ve added some gear. I’m training up to 3 people at a time now, so I needed to get more gear to accommodate more people.

  • 4 more 4×6 rubber flooring mats
  • 1 more set of gymnastic rings
  • 18″ wall ball
  • 2 more ab-mats
  • Tricep dip bar for the T-3 rack I own
  • 1 more 16-20-24 Box