The “Doc Box” is my home garage gym, located on Doc Brittle St., hence the “Doc Box”.

I did Crossfit® at an affiliate for two years, then when I added up the expenses, I realized I could outfit my garage with almost everything for around two years of membership cost, so I did it! 

Crossfit has changed my life. I started in 2015 weighing 250lb and zero cardiovascular capacity. I was a mess. 

My first year of Crossfit got me stronger and added cardio capacity.

Throughout my second year, I started focusing on my eating and that changed everything. I got down to 215lb and my mobility and cardio capacity increased like crazy.

I moved into my garage on the third year.

It was a hard decision, but I wanted the flexibility to work out whenever I wanted to.  It was challenging because you have to make up for the competition in the affiliate… no one can push you except yourself. I worked through that challenge and I focus on the clock now. I jam loud music to distract me from the pain, and I focus on the clock. That’s my only secret to being in a garage gym.

So finding WODs was the other challenge.

After trying (and failing) to program my own WODs, I stumbled on CompTrain (comptrain.co).  They published freely accessible WODs on their website.  I did their class workouts for almost a year until they switched to a paid model.

So what I do now is I use CompTrain’s two years of archived workouts, and I modify them to be suitable for the equipment I own, and my fitness level (I’m 47).

DocBoxWODs is my way of further motivating myself to push harder with more intensity. Accountability is the other reason affiliates get results. So this site is my way to keep me honest and keep the intensity going.